One of my favourite topics – passive aggression (via @mattsingley)

Being mega direct myself, passive aggression bugs me, so much so it is a mini obsession of mine. Unfortunately because I work in public relations, it is an all too familiar trait…

Alas, this post amused me. It looks like in the future 12 year old kids will be working brand marketers and PRs hard. Here’s a nugget but have a read of the whole post too:

As much as I dislike the general nastiness that can occur on a brand wall or in comment threads, I have to admit that it really gets to me more than just about anything when it’s done by younger kids. Although it’s aggravating to have to delete or defend against a minor (they even have an acronym…ATYO which stands for “annoying twelve year old”), as a father myself I’m more incensed by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any parental monitoring. I see many of these kids say the same things, over and over on different community pages. I wish I could tell you that’s it’s just a few, but it’s not. It feels epidemic. It feels like there are mobs of children doing whatever they want, whenever they want, saying anything they want, online…and nobody is paying attention to them. They aren’t just saying annoying things, they viciously attack other people with racial and sexual slurs. F-bombs are prevalent. They say things like, “join my game and I’ll rape you” to mean “I’ll beat you in an online game”. I’m not holier-than-thou, but if I knew that one of my kids wrote that online, we would have a long talk, and probably not an entirely pleasant one.

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