Media consumption data

Have you ever wondered what your media consumption says about you?

Public Relations profesionals have lots of tools to provide insight these days. For example, with TGI Data and all the other metrics on media consumption, you can pretty much pinpoint a persons beliefs and behaviours.

Or can you?

When I next get a chance I’m going to undertake the following exercise to check the data’s accuracy. The test shall be: according to my media consumption, who am I?

A typical working week involves the following media consumption:

BBC 6 Music
BBC Breakfast
The Today programme (Radio 4)
Guardian iPhone app
TV 5 Monde
BBC News
The Daily Show
Sky Sports News

There are other titles and media outlets that I consume professionally, (hundreds of them) but these are the ones that I would say, influence me personally.

God knows what the data will say about my media consumption, but I can guarantee that it will probably be broadly right in some respects, and horrifically wrong in others.

I suppose what I am trying to say here is that despite there being huge amounts of data on media consumption, relying just on research alone can result in strategist creating rather disasterous PR and advertising campaigns.

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