Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuits Hotel PR Stunt

In April 2019, Hasbro teamed up with the four-star Svezy Veter Country Hotel complex just outside Moscow, to launch a hotel concept with a twist.

The Trivial Pursuits Hotel is a cottage with three bedrooms and enviable amenities including a sauna and BBQ area, however this hotel comes with a twist: no payment is required during the stay as the whole experience is based on the guest’s knowledge and wit, with their experience determined by their answers to questions which will be asked during the stay.

In a style intrinsically linked with the Trivial Pursuits brand, visitors will be asked all manner of general knowledge questions and correct answers will lead to upgrades during their stay: including more luxurious bedrooms, extra amenities and better-quality dining.

Guests who give the wrong answer to the general knowledge questions can expect to find themselves on pull out beds, eating basic food and having no access to the luxury amenities.

Would you get a king-size bed or sofa bed? A Michelin starred dinner or a token snack? A cinema room or a battered old black and white TV?

Correct answers will give guests a six-star hotel experience, while too many incorrect answers will make guests wish they’d stayed at home!

Why is this a good example?

As well as raising brand awareness with the stunt, and appealing themselves to a new, younger market, Hasbro are running the hotel as part of a lottery, requiring guests to purchase the Trivial Pursuits game and post a photo of their receipt on social media to be entered into the ballot to win a stay at the hotel. With the hotel only accepting guests between May 20 and June 14 2019, customers will be scrambling to purchase the game to be in with the chance of winning this once in a lifetime experience.

It’s fun, it’s intrinsically linked to driving tangible results and it’s an unforgettable experience – The PR dream!

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