Freakonomics and PR

OK. Big intake of breath. I’m currently thinking about how Behaviourial Economics could be the saviour of PR (can I hear the sound of visitors clicking away…?)

It wasn’t my original thought, the wise old Graham Lancaster – a top, top PR consultant -put the thought in my head.

The thought instantly appealed to me because I studied economics at school and found it fascinating. Also, a few years ago, I read Freakonomics, a book which makes this subject utterly compelling.

I have since been reading up on the subject (click here for article). Although this relates to advertising, not PR, the thinking is still the same.

It is true that if PR, like advertising, is to truly hit home in the boardroom then the language and thinking of the Behavioural Economist is something that should be explored in great depth when developing PR strategies.

I’d love to hear from a Behavioural Economist who would be willing to explore this thinking with me further. Any suggested further reading, or perhaps someone might write a guest blog post on how Behavioural Economics and PR can work together?

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