Blogger Engagement Study of ‘Moggers’ and ‘Daddy Bloggers’

This survey found that only a fifth of parent bloggers, 22%, think that PRs understand what they actually do.

Sadly I am not surprised. Here are the findings and a link to the study.

Summary of Key Findings

The survey focuses on who parent bloggers are, and what emerges is a picture of true diversity – parents who blog include young Mums of babies and older men and women with children well into their teenage years. While parents in the South East are the most likely to blog about their families, parent bloggers can be found in all corners of the UK.

We asked our bloggers about their motivations for blogging, and what they like to write about. We also delved into bloggers’ relationships with brands – how many brands they work with, what sort of commercial content they run, and what they do and don’t like about these interactions.

In 2011, the communication between parent bloggers and PR professionals has exploded, with the majority of bloggers now receiving far more PR pitches than ever before. Parent bloggers generally welcome this contact – three quarters of respondents said they do publish some commercial content on their blogs, whether that’s advertising, sponsored posts or product reviews.

However, this commercial content isn’t what drives parent bloggers to blog about their families – bloggers told us that their main motivation for blogging is simply to record memories of family life while children are growing up, while many bloggers also valued the friendship and network opportunities that blogging gave them. Working with PRs might enable Tots100 bloggers to make money, but more importantly it provides their children with new opportunities and experiences.

The Tots100 Parent Blogging Benchmark Survey is part of the new Tots100 Insights service, which provides brands with insights into what British Mummy and Daddy bloggers are thinking, doing – and buying. Visit the Tots100 advertising page for further information if you are interested in reaching our parent blogging community.

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