Jägermeister’s Poisonous PR Stunt

When you think of Jägermeister you think of Jägerbombs, parties and more often than not, a hangover.


When Jägermeister hosted a pool party in Leon, Mexico to promote its product, party goes were left with much more severe conditions than a hangover.


The event turned tragic after party organisers poured liquid nitrogen (intended to create a smoke effect) into the pool, creating a toxic reaction.


A number of those at the party had to be rescued after fainting and falling ill from the fumes, and one man was left in a coma.


Videos and pictures from the event showed panic and chaos after fumes started rising from the pool.



Why is this an ugly example? Well, besides being renamed in the media as the pool of death, event organisers were investigated by federal prosecutors – not ideal when you all you wanted was a splash of brand awareness.


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