Burger King’s Beaten Up Burgers PR Stunt

We all know the impact a positive PR stunt can have on a brand’s image, even more so when the stunt is designed to shine a light on an issue in society.

In 2017, Burger King teamed up with No Bully for a social experiment which stirred up a number of emotions for its customers, and for those who watched the stunt unfold online.

In the YouTube video which has racked up more than six million views, Burger King employees are seen serving beaten up burgers to their customers at the same time as a young boy being verbally and physically bullied.


Just 12% of Burger King customers were quick to help the victim, while an overwhelming 95% were quicker to complain about the state of their lunch.

Why is this a good example? Well, not only did Burger King partner with a reputable organisation to deliver its message, it launched during National Bullying Prevention Month alongside data which says 30% of students worldwide are bullied – a harrowing and newsworthy figure.

It is emotive, it has purpose, and it is digital, in a nutshell it is PR gold.

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