PR Agency One Scoops a Hat Trick of Accolades from PR Moment Awards

The PR Moment Awards returned to Manchester last night, celebrating its fifth year as the UK’s fastest-growing PR awards scheme. The event, hosted at Deansgate’s Hilton Hotel, saw the team at PR Agency One, winning three awards for outstanding achievements. After being shortlisted for five awards, the company was awarded accolades for the categories Best […]

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PR Moment Awards

Finding and Using Creative Commons Images for PRs

One of the biggest challenges for most social media managers is sourcing images for their campaigns. But when it comes to sourcing images to accompany these pieces, do PRs and social media managers know how to find, use and attribute Creative Commons images correctly? It might be tempting to pluck an image off the Internet […]

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Using Creative Commons Images

International PR – is it worth it?

Is undertaking an international PR campaign a major challenge fraught with risk, cost and cultural challenges? Or now, thanks to the digital age, are we entering a new era where international PR campaigns have never been easier to implement?  In this blog post the team at PR Agency One look at the pros and cons […]

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International Flags

Crisis? What Crisis? We want your crisis PR management tips

Crisis PR management makes or breaks reputations. Get things right and you could win anything from a new-found respect to additional customers. Get things wrong and you could be looking at a basic loss of trust and a sense that you simply don’t know what you’re doing. As well as raising the profile of our […]

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Crisis PR

Bad Media Interviews – Part Seven

Sometimes playing a straight bat to questions from the media just doesn’t work… Don’t believe me? Check out this example of pugnacious journalism from Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne vs an ECB spokesperson. This video has been added to my ‘Worst Media Interviews of All Time‘ blog post, which is worth a look for a seven […]

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Measure PR messages with analytics

As a PR professional and content marketer, planning out keywords and messages is a big part of the day job. Get it right and public relations people can drive huge and relevant traffic to a site. Get it wrong and questions will be asked of your ability. This presentation outlines a really simple way to […]

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PR people – subscribe to the public relations sub-Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social news sites on the internet. If a story is up-voted on Reddit the resulting interest and site traffic is huge. Don’t believe me? Well here are some stats. Given the site’s influence, you’d think that use of Reddit would be a priority for the public relations industry? So […]

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