When Paxman meets John Stewart I shall be a happy man

Paxman hails from Yorkshire, but at Cambridge was crafted, refined and tightened into the cynical, semi-macabre, and adorably arrogant human being we all know and love. Unquestionably, Jeremy (or Jezzer as he lets me call him) is a thoroughbred journalist, who can take apart politicians at will.

John Stewart, a Jewish New Yorker, was honed on the comedy circuit. Sharp, acerbic and witty – satire is John’s weapon of choice. The Daily Show made many realise that there is more than there seems to US media consumption.

Both fellas, however, are national treasures and fixtures on my Sky Plus

And so, these musings got me thinking… What would happen if Paxo appeared on the Daily Show? Would the Yanks get him? Would they care? A little part of me hopes that Jeremy would carve a niche in America as an intellectual Simon Cowell – ploughing a furrow for British forthrightness. And where Cowell spreads his vile, cretin-laden emptiness wherever his shallow pop carnival appears, Paxo will spread democracy, journalistic integrity and other well meaning fun and frolics (anyone remember his rant against Marks and Sparks underpants?).

I do hope that this little pipe dream (a strange fantasy to have at 22.41 on a Tuesday night) happens.

So here endeth by blog. My love of two grown men, declared for all to see.

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