#Tory Public Relations Strategy and the Concept of Nuance

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Is “Time for Change” really a good public relations message for the Conservatives? For me, it begs the question ‘a change to what?’

When Tony Blair brought Labour to power he did so by creating New Labour and claiming the middle ground. Now David Cameron is trying to do the same and win over moderates by appealing to middle-class swing voters.

It is no surprise that David Cameron has tried to soften the party’s image and has talked up lots of “social” and environmental policies. They were known as the Nasty Party, after all.

There was a time when you could say that the Conservatives stood for something obvious: the free market, law and order and anti-immigration and euro-scepticism.

Now under David Cameron, the party’s values appear woolly, albeit a bit more appealing to moderate leftists.

The reason why Conservatism works is that its values are obvious, even to the most uneducated person. Low taxes, small government, euro-scepticism and an immigration are concepts that can be grasped, in some way or another.

Now David Cameron is playing around the edges of moderatism. This is a political space full of nuance where policies can be difficult to comprehend. On some issues there are no discernable policies at all.

At a time when the Labour party is at its weakest, his communications are not hitting home because they are not clear. If the public are to vote for change, they need to know what the change will mean for them and what it stands for.

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  1. Nick Vose says:

    Cant say I disagree with any of your points, which may come as a surprise, considering I am a active Tory!

    In my opinion the party has come to the cross roads. At one end you have Steve Hilton – the man who first put Dave on the map with his party election speech,later creating webcameron,the ‘hug a hoodie’ speech and the now infamous poster campaign.

    At the other is George Osborne and most of the 1922 group of Tory mp’s – demanding a return to hard core political campaigning, hitting the streets and spreading the core Conservative Party message.

    My view is Steve Hilton needs to be reigned in, he has become overly influenced by the strategists behind the Obama campaign and as a result the Tory message has become diluted and ineffective.

    But at the same time, I don’t want to see Cameron fear the polls and return to talking about immigration etc. This happened in ’05 and look what happened there.

    Finally what do the voters want? they do want change of some sort!! Not a political change but a symbolic change, out with the old and in with the new!

    I don’t think we will be able to accurately calculate the election victory, this is not down the failure of the Tory party to take the initiative but due to the general disenchantment with politics post expenses scandal.

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