Question Time Censorship

My view is that we should let Mad Nick*, the far right nutter, appear on BBC’s Question Time.

I might prove to be ill-informed, but I think censorship is pointless, even if Mad Nick’s views are abhorrent and disgusting.

Let Mad Nick on Question Time and show himself up as the nutter he is. Hopefully the audience will allow him to speak without too much interruption, as his own views will be what kill him off.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Red Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, believes the Mad Nick appearance on Question Time will lead to more racial attacks.

I believe censorship is an aid to the party’s recruitment because the party recruits its members using conspiracy theories. One such theory is that the UK Government is censoring The Party because it is trying to lead Britain into a race war. So by letting the party onto the BBC we can take away one of his tools of recruitment – wacko conspiracy theories.

Instead, Question Time is a chance for Mad Nick to spout racist nonsense, which I think will ultimately embarrass him. This, coupled to a robust reaction from campaigners and protesters sends a better signal. A message that these are the views of a marginal party.

I think UKIP are a bigger risk to our country, but that is another blog post altogether….

(*His name has been changed to reduce his online presence via search)

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  1. Jon Welsh says:

    Nice new blog layout, James. I’d not blogged on QT for the very same reason as you changed his name, so I will comment on yours instead. I thought the programme didn’t work as we hoped as instead of having Mad Nick comment on the issues discussed, it turned into a lynch mob.

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