A-Levels are getting easier – a rant

A-Levels are getting easier.  Standards are slipping.  The education system is in crisis.

People seem to forget that the rise in grades over the last fifteen years seems to correlate with the creation of a truly formidable study aid.  The Internet.

‘When I was a lad’, revision happened in things called ‘libraries’.  I used revision ‘books’ and took past papers which were photocopied from previous papers.  I had to queue up to get these copies from a teacher in the staff room…

Finding knowledge and insight involved ploughing through books (if the library had them available).

A computer was a ZX Spectrum and there was no such thing as email or search engines.

Yesterday I spent the day with a client and we are about to launch a set of online “learning objects” to help study with science.  This is another innovation we didn’t have ‘in my day’.

So before we all decry the performance of our youth, let’s take a moment and celebrate how as a society we have actually moved on in leaps and bounds, and be glad that our children will get better grades than us and that they won’t have to spend six weeks waiting for books, and poorly photocopied handouts. They have the world’s knowledge at their fingertips!

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