AMEC Measurement Month: Scaling up the future of fintech with Duologi

At PR Agency One we like to talk about measurement. A lot.

That’s perhaps unsurprising, given that being able to accurately and transparently measure the value of what we do is a key tenet of what this agency was built on in 2011, back when we were just our MD James Crawford, a desk, and a desire to change the way PR measurement is viewed, both in and outside our industry.

We’ve grown quite a bit since then, expanding our team to 22 PR, digital marketing and analytics specialists at the last time of asking and changing the way major brands such as Decathlon, BuyItDirect Group, Allied London, Visualsoft and Total Fitness carry out and measure their PR. And, being a PR agency, we occasionally like to publicise some of the hard work the team does.

OneEval, our proprietary suite of measurement tools, is both built upon and improves the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework, which has been brought in to standardise PR measurement and, essentially, bring it into the 21st century. For those wanting to learn more about the AMEC Framework, the AMEC website has countless resources and case studies on how to use it effectively.

Particularly with this month being AMEC Measurement Month, let’s use the AMEC Framework to take a look back at a recent campaign for a B2B client that we’re particularly proud of, how exactly we went about this and – importantly – the tangible business results the campaign drove. No AVEs in sight.

The background and objectives

Like all good measurement, the AMEC Framework begins with clear organisational objectives.

When we were originally approached by specialist consumer finance lender Duologi, our main objective was to create a strategic communications campaign that would help it rapidly expand from ambitious fintech start-up to major market player and – importantly – attract investment along the way.

Duologi is unique in that its innovative technology platform stretches far beyond retail, also offering access to tailored finance solutions across the travel, education, healthcare and property sectors. Our other challenge – in this case more of a goal than a measurable objective – was therefore to highlight the true potential of flexible finance both inside the retail industry and across Duologi’s key audience groups.

What we did  

PR activity was divided into a number of workstreams, consisting of securing thought leadership on fintech and the benefits of consumer lending across Duologi’s primary media sectors, creating a compelling narrative around the business’s growth, and amplifying this activity with an effective, targeted PR campaign.

Our research-led campaign – Finding the Right Balance – focused on raising awareness of Duologi’s innovative offering amongst merchants and businesses, while demonstrating the company’s expertise in tailored credit solutions for the consumer market. Specifically, the thought leadership report we created as part of the campaign looked to highlight the frustrations consumers face when accessing and using credit, as well as where both credit providers and businesses could be doing better.

The report proved to be a major hit with media, gaining national attention with a full-length feature in Forbes. Thought leadership articles and research-led news pieces were also secured in a host of top-tier titles across – to name just a few – the retail, education and healthcare press, as well as international outlets such as Econsultancy.

The (measurable) results we drove

While international attention from the likes of Forbes and blanket coverage across Duologi’s key verticals sounds ideal, this doesn’t count for much if you can’t prove the organisational impact.

This is where effective, AMEC-aligned measurement, encompassing outputs, out-takes, outcomes and impact, comes in.

While we’ve been working with them, Duologi has grown from ambitious startup to securing additional funding from private equity firm Paragon, in no small part due to the reputation boost, increased brand awareness and search visibility driven by effective, targeted PR. The business shows no signs of slowing down either, with ambitions of achieving a seven-figure lending book within the next five years.

In terms of outputs, almost half (48%) of the articles generated from PR activity contained links back to Duologi’s website. Not only this, but the average domain authority of the backlinks secured through the campaign was 44 – essentially meaning that the majority of the links we secured were from reputable, trusted media outlets. In total PR Agency One secured over 100 pieces of press coverage in key national, trade and business media, with over 70% of coverage including key messages.

As for out-takes, this targeted, high-value activity both greatly increased Duologi’s search visibility and ensured that this growing business was firmly on the radar of customers and potential investors alike. Indeed, brand awareness increased by a staggering 4,074% while the campaign was running (compared with the previous period) and organic traffic shot up by 279% – both of which we were able to measure and demonstrate using OneEval.

This increase in traffic wasn’t just for show either, as we were also able to prove the tangible outcomes of the campaign – not least among which was a 151% boost in sales leads generated directly through Duologi’s website.  

It’s time for us to measure more effectively

Overall, PR can be a tremendously powerful tool for growth, but its effectiveness has been perennially undermined by shoddy, outdated measurement tools that do neither us nor the businesses we work with justice. As an industry, we now have the tools to change this, truly demonstrating both the value of the work we do and the direct impact it has on a business’s growth. It’s now time to start making more effective use of them.

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