PR and Social Media Links 23 January 2010

Here are some interesting links which I came across this week that will be coming to a public relations campaign near you soon!

Seesmic Live Event – Seesmic
I must find time to play with Seesmic again. The latest developments look of great use for PR people.

Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web
I’ll be testing all these tools out soon. I’d be interested to see if anybody has a particular favourite, especially from a media relations / blogger engagement perspective.

41 resources for Facebook Connect

60+ Tools To Enhance Your Flickr Experience | Tools
Flickriver is my personal favourite. If anyone out there is a Flickr expert let me know as I want some clever toad to link the API of Twitter to the tag cloud of Flickr to make a visual representation of trending news (!)

A bizarre little forum with all sorts of odd content on it (some of it rude!). What I like is how you don’t need to sign in to use it. It creates a unique user experience.

I stumbled across this some time ago, but subsequently forgot what it was called. Now I have found it again and saved it for prosperity.

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