Traffic congestion on Bank Holidays… Is the inevitable newsworthy?

Is the inevitable newsworthy?

What is it about the British media?s desire to report on Bank Holiday traffic? The story currently has equal billing with pig flu, Jacko and Ted Kennedy?

As sure as eggs are eggs and night follows day, the Bank Holiday means an exodus of holiday makers hitting the motorways.  It happens every Bank Holiday.

At the grand old of age of 31ish I have experienced this phenomenon, perhaps, 30 odd times.  I know it is going to happen.  I am used to it happening.  I take evasive action to avoid it happening to me.  And importantly, I don?t bore people with stories about six mile tailbacks…  zzzzz

Stories about Bank Holiday travel are a good way for the BBC et al to fill time while the ?real? journalists are away on holiday.  They can call in the eager correspondent from Bristol to report on the M5 junction, while the rest of the team take the day off.

My question to you all is this:  is the inevitable newsworthy?  If the inevitable is news then it is not very interesting!  Wake me up when the Sport comes on…

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