top 20 funny journorequests

You may have heard of the Twitter hashtag #journorequest, which journalists and PRs alike use as a tool to find stories or case studies. They are often really helpful, making us aware of features they’re working on and even resulting in coverage for our clients – but there are many requests along the way that […]

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What is clickbait in 2018 and what does it mean for PRs?

What is clickbait? It has drastically changed the way news websites and social media feeds look – but what is clickbait, and what does it mean for PRs like us where media relations is so central? The Oxford English Dictionary defines clickbait as “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to […]

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‘Newspapers from 1930s Contain Same Old Rubbish’ Shock

Have you ever wondered what the newspapers in the 1930s were like? Neither had I however, according to these pictures they contain a similar amount of made up rubbish, fictional health stories and sensational jibber jabber. Go and have a browse of the complete Flickr set if you get a chance. These are taken from […]

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Journalism Warning Labels

All people with an interest in PR and media will find these interesting. This is the type of content that I normally share on Posterous, but I liked these labels so much that I reposted it here. This sticker’s mainly for celebrity articles: Starsuckers did a good job of showing just how little verification is […]

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Digital Media Handbook for Journalists

Whether you are a public relations professional, a journalist, or just downright nosy, this guide into digital media for journalists has some interesting findings and recommendations. It was created by the Society of Professional Journalists, which is an American organisation, so some of the content is irrelevant for Europeans. Society of Professional Journalists Digital Media […]

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Should Journalists Blog?

We, on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse, are beginning to undertake a project to encourage journalists to blog. I’ve only been blogging for the past five months but have found the whole process very rewarding. Hopefully a few journalists will start blogging who never thought they would! They are better placed than me to come […]

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The Daily Mail – Moirgate

As you are reading this post on a blog the chances are you know all about the Moirgate at the Daily Mail, so no need for a recap of events. Being a busy fella, I came to the story late and my initial reaction was one of surprise. Why suddenly had everyone picked up on […]

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Is the dilemma for any buyer of The Observer that the GMG could just start up a competing title?

Rumours (see link: which are circulating about the potential sale of The Observer got me thinking…  What would stop the GMG from launching ‘The Guardian on Sunday’ or another competing publication? I used to read the Observer purely because it was near-as-damn-it the “Sunday” version of the Guardian, but I had no loyalty to […]

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