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Tom Lytton-Dickie

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What stories are you on the look out for?

I’m looking for stories about or from the innovators and entrepreneurs that are changing the world.

What is your dream job?

Becoming one of the above.

What do you think of the PR industry?

I think it is a hugely beneficial and necessary part of the media industry, when worked with properly. We try and foster strong relationships with the top PR firms in our sector and by doing that they get a better understanding of the type of content we publish.

What is the biggest story of the year so far?

The closure of GigaOM – it is a big wake up call to all digital media businesses that certain models don’t work, regardless of popularity of content.

In what way has your job changed because of online media?

It has become hugely more exciting – potential reach, opportunity for growth and innovation within our own business model has increased massively.

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