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Luke Garner

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Talk Business Magazine


What stories are you on the look out for?

Anything that tugs at the heart-strings or has a quirky angle. The world of SMEs throws up some weird and wonderful characters, so it is always great to find out about someone doing something a little differently or succeeding against the odds.

What is your dream job?

In an ideal world I’d love to work in the USA covering Major League Baseball. I’ve been a huge fan of the San Diego Padres since I was a teenager, so if I could work in their media department that would be a dream come true – I think I’d even do it for free (though don’t tell them that!).

What do you think of the PR industry?

Keeping it strictly PG? Haha. You learn very quickly who you can and can’t work with, who is reliable and who isn’t, and you work with that accordingly. Generally, there are a lot of very helpful and insightful PR agents out there, but there are also a few that are clearly there just to collect a paycheck and think nothing of leaving you in the lurch on deadline day. Discovering who these people are is one of life’s fun lessons.

What is the biggest story of the year so far?

Perhaps not the ‘biggest’ in coverage numbers, but in terms of the implications it has for the human race, the predominantly North American ‘anti-vaccine’ movement is pretty ridiculous. A lot of people are very scared and very uninformed (annoyingly, often because of lazy, sensationalist journalism!) and there’s a real risk of deadly diseases like measles and polio making a resurgence. The ‘link’ between the MMR jab and autism has been shown to be totally bogus, yet people are still losing loved ones to entirely preventable diseases. This simply shouldn’t happen in a first world country. There’s a great website called that spells it out plain and simple with hard hitting figures – it’s a real eye-opener.

In what way has your job changed because of online media?

I’ve grown up using online media, so nothing has really changed here for me since joining the industry.

Do you want a pint, cocktail, or a soft drink?

Soft drink please! I’m not so much of a beer drinker, and while I do enjoy an occasional spirit, I’m usually filling my spare time with sports so anything that quenches my thirst is very welcome (plus jagerbombs on the treadmill are apparently ‘frowned upon’ by my local gym’s management).


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