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Hannah Durham Digital Marketing MagazineName:

Hannah Durham @HannahDMedia

Job title:

Editor/head of content

Media outlets:

Digital Marketing Magazine and Digital Marketing Show

What stories are you on the look out for?

Being the Digital Marketing Magazine, we are, of course, looking for digital marketing articles and news. We cover all the key areas and trends in the digital space (such as mobile, social, content, data and search) and are always on the look out for digital marketing research findings.

What is your dream job?

Would it be cheesy to say I’ve landed it already? Leaving university, I thought working on content and events would be just that – ‘a dream’ – however, I’m now organising a whole host of events around the U.K and editor of an online magazine! Aside from that, doing something in travel photography would be a great excuse to travel the world and earn a living doing so!

What do you think of the PR industry?

I certainly think it’s changing, alongside most industries, with the growth of technology and digital marketing. I think, on the whole, these changes are pretty exciting and offer many more opportunities and increased scope for creativity, especially with the growing number (and types) of communication channels.

What is the biggest story of the year so far?

Personally, I think the news that a Google update (beginning April 21st) will see sites with poor mobile usability decline in the search ranking results is very important. Businesses will really need to take note fast if they want to survive in this increasingly mobile world.

In what way has your job changed because of online media?

Being fairly young (twenty three is still young, right?), my job has always been about, and based on, the online world. Although I think online media is fantastic in how it offers so many opportunities, it’s also great in that it pushes businesses to rise above the noise to be truly great. The online media space can become pretty saturated, so businesses have to be producing and publishing really great content to get noticed!

Do you want a pint, cocktail, or a soft drink?

Well, that really depends on what I’m doing! If I’m watching the rugby (proud Welsh girl!), then a pint will do. But I’ll never turn down a fancy cocktail!


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