BBC accused of bias over mayor’s Eastenders cameo

The BBC is today facing fresh accusations of bias for allowing Boris Johnson to make a guest appearance on Eastenders (The Times, 1 October)… 

The reason for this accusation is that Red Ken was rejected the dubious honour when he was in the post as Mayor of London. 

The poor old BBC is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t at the moment. Accused of being a left-wing mouthpiece by the right, now Labour is outraged that Boris is rubbing shoulders with Peggy Mitchell and sinking a lager at the Queen Vic. 

BBC bashing is a major past-time of the hard up print media right now. Not only is it “distorting the market” with its acquisition of Lonely Planet and other ventures, but the ‘lefty’ producers and staff who inhabit Clapham, Notting Hill and other communist communities are pushing their twisted take on Trotsky’s ideology onto young impressionable minds. 

What we need is Fox News… 

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