Media Training Tips and Interview Fails

These are ten of the worst media interviews of all time and perfect examples to use as part of a media training programme.

As part of our work here at PR Agency One, we often organise media training and these videos are classic examples of what can go wrong and why preparation counts.

I’d love any suggestions for videos to add to this post. Feel free to suggest some in the comments.

Video 1: dress appropriately for media interviews


Video 2: when surprised by a journalist buy time in a more sophisitcated way than this..



Video 3: no comment is not an option in the face of a crisis


Video 4: never go on head to head with Paxman


Video 5: if you are going to make up a PR story, at least be prepared with well thought through responses


Video 6: be very careful when dealing with difficult subjects


Video 7: turn your microphone off


Video 8: be humble in the face of a crisis


Video 9: Don’t worry, even the professionals can get it badly wrong

Ortis Deley presenting masterclass by yidioh

Video 10: Set the agenda unlike George Monbiot did with Shaun Spiers

(hat tip to Graham Lancaster for three of these videos)

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