April 2022’s Top PR stunts

April tends to be a hotbed of PR creativity, with April Fool’s Day an opportune moment to share playful takes on products or seed some fictitious fun. This year was certainly no exception and we spotted some good (and questionable) brand attempts to get people talking about them. Here are some of our personal favourites. […]

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The best PR Stunts of March 2022

2022 has been a great year so far for some creative and memorable PR stunts, with the month of March being no exception. Here are some of PR Agency One’s top picks for the most successful stunts we’ve seen this month. Duolingo corrects mistranslated tattoos for free Language learning app Duolingo made headlines this month […]

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The best PR stunts of February 2022

A good PR stunt is many things, visible, creative, bold etc. but the very best PR stunts are those that cement themselves in your memory, and go above and beyond to be relevant, fun and promote their brand. February has seen a number of publicity stunts that have gripped people’s attention and taken advantage of […]

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AMEC Measurement Month 2021 – A roundup of our measurement insight

PR measurement

It’s AMEC (Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) Measurement Month this month and at PR Agency One we’re mad on measurement, so what better time than to bring all our insightful resources on the topic together in one place. Measurement is crucial to PR because it enables the evaluation of success and demonstrates the […]

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7 of the Best PR campaigns of 2020 by PR Agency One

Best PR campaigns 2020 PRAO Blog

While the past 12 months has zoomed by – literally – we didn’t want to end it without recalling some of our best work across both our consumer PR and B2B PR teams. Here’s a collection of our best PR campaigns we have created and executed this year, from our sofas, beds, makeshift home offices, […]

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What are the Barcelona Principles 3.0?

Barcelona Principles AMEC

In 2010, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) held a summit in Barcelona, where they aimed to set the first standardised framework for effective PR and communications measurement. The result of this was the Barcelona Principles, agreed on by PR practitioners from 33 different countries, which focus on the outcomes of […]

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What is the AMEC Measurement Framework?

PR agency AMEC measurement

Measuring the results of PR activity enables PR professionals and their clients to evaluate the success of their work and its value. As PR has evolved over the years, and PR professionals have started working across all kinds of media, demand for a sophisticated, truly integrated way of measuring communications has developed.

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How to get a job in B2B PR

Find a B2B PR job

When looking for a job in public relations, like any job application, you must give enough information to your future boss that demonstrates your skills, qualifications, and hobbies, and interests. While public relations is a varied profession, many graduates who apply to an agency have very little understanding of what corporate or B2B PR roles […]

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