Innocent Drinks PR Stunt: What Happens When A PR Stunt Backfires

Another week and another PR stunt, this one went from epic to apology very quickly, after Innocent, one of the nation’s favourite smoothie brands, announced the launch of “Conker Milk”. The characterful brand decided to support its new range of nut milks with a seasonal addition – “Conker Milk” – and announced it via its […]

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Fortnite’s Big Black Hole PR Stunt

Fans of Fortnite are sitting around wondering what to do today as the popular video game “disappeared” overnight, as its tenth season ended. An asteroid blew up the game’s map, leaving fans, and its 250 million players, unable to play the game. Naturally gamers took to social media to share their distain and new-found boredom. […]

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