Creative thinking tools for PR


Creative thinking tools are techniques that help us through the creative PR process. They can make brainstorms fun and more effective be they for consumer or B2b / Corporate. There are lots of techniques and I recommend identifying one or more to use, before jumping straight into a brainstorm. Mind Mapping Let’s begin with a timeless […]

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Brainstorms and Creativity in PR

How to Run a Brainstorm

Brainstorming is the most common problem solving technique used in PR and business. It is commonly used but often misunderstood. Even in the creative industries, brainstorms are often great and but can also sometimes be ineffective.  I will be covering off everything that you need to know about brainstorms – the good, the bad and […]

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Diane Abbot’s grasp of maths let’s her down

Diane is apparently a really nice person and a great constituency MP. But her ability to self sabotage interviews with stumbles, mumbles and bad maths is now legendary. For some reason this video won’t embed so here is a good old fashioned link.

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Why We Hold the Communications Management Standard

CMS Communications Management Standard

Before answering “why,” the first question a lot of our staff asked was just what was the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard? It’s a fair point. It does seem somewhat inscrutable to the layperson. Holding the Communications Management Standard means that we are a well-run company, with quality processes and a focus on looking after our […]

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