What is Integrated PR?

Integrated PR is the convergence of communications and brand content activations across paid, earned, shared and owned media (confused by this jargon, read more about the PESO model here).  Within our organisation, integrated PR and communications also involves the planning, execution and measurement of big, bold brand activations and it is central to making award […]

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What is the PESO Model?

The PESO Model is a useful method to help practitioners plan, strategise and implement integrated PR and communication campaigns in the digital age. Historically PR is often thought of solely as a media relations discipline. While media relations is very important, social media and online marketing techniques have moved on the landscape. Now PR practitioners […]

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What is Connected Leadership and why does it matter to your corporate PR strategy?

Connected Leadership Blog post

Stakeholders, be they consumers, influencers, analysts or investors, expect the c-suite to be engaged, responsive and visible, and using earned media and social media to achieve this goal. Connected leadership requires an agile leader who is effective at tackling modern business challenges in all their guises. They are perfectly placed to handle corporate PR in earned, owned […]

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What is Digital PR? And how do we Evaluate Success

What is Digital PR?

If you are reading this post then you are here to discover “what is digital PR?” On the face of it the term digital PR is quite vague. After all what is digital? ‘Digital’ is not a sector and it is not a single technology. In many ways digital is just an enabler. Digital means everything […]

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The PRAO Highlights of the Year


It’s that time of the year when we can take a step back and look at all we have achieved. Like many companies, we were on for a record year of growth before Covid came and turned everything on its head. Our clients were pausing activity and our company budgeting looked desperate. As things turned […]

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What does a PR agency do?

What do PR Agencies Do?

Most people who work in PR get asked, “What does a PR agency do?” It’s a great question because there is no one right answer. There is the expert response and then there is the answer that we might explain to a family member, perhaps our mum. PR is a vast area that covers a […]

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How to Measure and Evaluate Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Marketing Blog

This blog post will try to demystify the measurement and evaluation of influencer campaigns. To measure influencer campaigns we need to focus on outcomes and outputs. Don’t be blinded by superficial vanity metrics like engagement and reach. While these data points do have some value, they do not indicate commercial or business outcomes – and […]

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