Agency Showreel | an award winning showcase of campaigns

To celebrate our tenth anniversary we are proud to launch our agency showreel, showcasing our big strategic and creative campaigns that are wrapped in insight and AMEC aligned measurement.

The showreel highlights our award-winning campaigns and national clients such as Decathlon, Gazprom, Allied London, Auto Trader and many, many more. 

The video includes quick glimpses of bold campaigns but much more in-depth analysis can be found on our case studies page.

This approach is multi-award winning, with over 50 trophies earned over the last decade including:

  • six agency of the year wins
  • best use of creative
  • best use of content
  • best consumer campaign
  • best B2B campaign
  • best use of search in a PR campaign
  • best use of measurement

Also included in the showreel is our OneEval measurement suite is a best in class solution for tracking brand, reputation and commercial outcomes.  More information can be found here.

The showreel provides glimpses into our company culture.  As a values driven organisation, our people deliver our unique purpose and are the reason why we deliver results for our clients year in year out.  More on our company culture can be found within our alternative company handbook.

This is our first agency showreel. We are really proud of this piece of work, but it is really is just a glimpse of what we can offer. Do get in touch for a deeper understanding of what we can offer!

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