Whether you are food retailer or manufacturer, our team has the food PR experience necessary to help you achieve you commercial objectives.

Food and drink PR consultants

Our approach to food PR differs depending on what you need to achieve. You might want to secure listings in the multiples, support a product SKU in the convenience sector or drive footfall into a retailer in order to stimulate sales. Whatever you need to achieve we can help. Food PROur team has worked for a wide range of food industry and retail businesses. We’ve supported some of the smallest products in a category right through to working for some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK.

PR consultants for the food and drink industry

Our consultants go beyond trade and consumer media relations and understand digital media too. We can improve your SEO or build your online reputation. Our team can create communities of consumers and help you to engage directly with your target audience too. If you want to find out more about our Food PR offering get in contact with us or phone managing director James Crawford on 07793 441 686