Isn’t all public relations now digital PR these days? People think of digital PR as a unique specialism separate from traditional public relations, when in reality digital PR is just a description of an industry by a different name.

Digital PRMany PR agencies treat digital PR as a separate specialism, which is run by isolated digital PR teams, when really it should be practiced by all public relations practitioners on pain of death.

For us digital PR is just an integrated part of our media relations offering.



Reasons why digital PR is an essential part of the PRO’s armoury

  • Most publications these days have online editions.
  • The majority of journalists have Twitter feeds.
  • The line between journalist and blogger is blurring so much that telling them apart can be difficult.
  • Press releases should be optimised for SEO as standard.
  • A separate ‘digital PR’ team won’t understand your business.
  • All campaigns should be created with onsite, social media and offsite content planned as standard.
  • All PR practitioners should be multi-specialist.


All our services offer digital PR as a core offering. Google is now the biggest reputation management tool and we aim to secure online blog and press coverage to raise the profile of our clients.

The hidden SEO benefit of digital PR

Digital PR has a double benefit. Firstly, customers read articles and the third party endorsement from journalists and bloggers can be very influential to change perceptions, raise profile and drive sales.

The secondary consideration is the SEO benefits that this coverage offers. Any online coverage that includes inbound links with good anchor text to a client website helps to increase the authority of a clients web page, helping drive it up the search engine results pages.

Digital PR – in summary

So digital PR is not a separate discipline, it is a core part of a PR offering. Digital PR does involve new skills that involve traditional practitioners understanding SEO, Google Analytics, social media monitoring and many other skills too. However, just knowing these new skills along is not enough. The PR practitioner needs a broader depth of skills than ever before.

This is where PR Agency One comes in. We have the skills. We don’t employ anyone who doesn’t. The PR dinosaur is extinct, but likewise, we don’t just employ ubiquitous social media experts either. We are multi-disciplinary..

To find out more about our Digital PR offering please contact managing director James Crawford on 0845 309 6378.