As a consumer PR agency we see ourselves as an essential part of the marketing mix to ensure that a brand gets the attention it needs to survive and thrive.

Creativity and strategy must go hand in hand to generate third party endorsements, word of mouth marketing and ultimately driving sales.

Find a Consumer PR agency that is the best fit for you

Consumer PR agency Any brand or business selling directly to consumers needs to build a brand, create loyalty and drive sales. Be it local or national media relations campaigns targeting reviews, product placement or ‘brand’ mentions in press coverage, or advanced integrated digital and social media campaigns, PR Agency One is the consumer PR agency for you.

Our consumer PR team creates campaigns that work in traditional print titles but also deliver results on and off your website. The agency creates amazing awareness and campaigns that are designed to improve a brand’s search engine visibility. That’s what our full service offering means – campaigns that work regardless of the media channel.

Build a reputation using consumer PR strategies

Consumer PR can build brands and change an image or reputation in a very cost effective way. Using third person endorsement via media outlets, blogs and social media we can change the way your business is perceived via customers and other influencers.

Reputation is often seen as intangible but using a wide range of digital metrics we can track and report on how your business is perceived by its target audience.

Consumer PR stunts and linkbait

Consumer PR servicesStunts are linkbait are legitimate consumer public relations tactics to increase brand awareness and acquire links for SEO. Our creative teams can provide great cost effective ways of reaching our audience in a fun and engaging way.

We will drive traffic to your website and support direct response campaigns.


An outcome focused consumer PR agency

What is more, we can prove the impact of our campaigns. In addition to using traditional PR research tools, we use search insights to plan and measure your campaigns.

We can also apply e-commerce evaluation techniques as part of our own PR measurement tool to track the impact of our campaigns, right down to cost per lead and cost per acquisition if necessary.

Simply put: we do things that other Consumer PR agencies can’t.

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