When you invest in public relations you ought to be able to measure the results. PR evaluation and measurement is fundamental to any campaign.


the teamIf you take results seriously then you need to work with an award winning PR team. PR Agency One recently won Best Use of Evaluation at the PR Moment Awards. Here’s a picture of the team looking fairly happy with themselves.

For too long as the PR industry has provided poor evaluation services, often measuring their performance by comparing press coverage to the cost of placing an advert (something called advertising equivalent value or AVE).

PR Agency One uses a mixture of new digital metrics to measure ROI and reputation – something that many PR agencies have struggled to do for decades.


PR measurement and evaluation for the on and offline world

AVE has long been discredited by most of the professional PR bodies. Thankfully at PR Agency One we have developed a proprietary evaluation system called ‘OneEval’. The system uses traditional PR metrics (but not AVE) combined with new digital metrics to help demonstrate value.

Measuring PR, reputation and lead generation

So no matter whether you want to track reputation, lead generation, SEO impact, changing perceptions or the delivery of messages, we have a measurement tool for you.

To find out more about PR Evaluation and Measurement please contact managing director James Crawford on 0845 309 6378.