As a law firm you know that corporate reputation is the key to winning business. The central aim of legal PR is to build a solid and trusted reputation among clients and introducers, but to also ensure that you shout loudest in a crowded market place.

Legal PRIntegrity, intelligence and ingenuity are the calling card of any reputable law firm and central to growing fees is to ensure that you are the first port of call for any given brief.

We can work with your partners to identify where the commercial sweet spots are in the marketplace and develop genuinely innovative content that works as well via media relations as it will do digitally. Or through other marketing channels.

 Legal PR for law firms of all sizes

Of course in business ‘size matters’, yet regardless of whether you are mid tier law firm or a smaller regional operator, we can offer legal PR to support your business.

PR Agency One can scale our services up and down to suit your needs, timescales and budgets. So whatever your PR and marketing challenge we can support you and your business.

Lead generation via legal PR

The way the legal sector generates its leads is changing and many firms are having to radically change the way they generate leads.  B2B PR, Consumer PR and SEO PR can all play their part in creating a direct response and getting clients to make that important first step to get on contact. At PR Agency One we have integrated traditional PR with digital to ensure that your commercial objectives can be met.

To find out more about our Legal PR offering please contact managing director James Crawford on 0161 871 9140.